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Skipjack is a great social introduction to sailing held by the members of the Columbia Yacht Club. Members use their own boats and perform on-the-water instruction during each session. If you are interested in learning to sail different boats, this is a great opportunity! The class sizes are large, which allows students to meet many boat captains and other students. It’s a tremendously fun program and helps people get comfortable on different boats and learn the basics of a wonderful sport. Lifelong relationships are developed here, and students who have taken Skipjacks become cruising and/or racing crew with the captains they meet!

Advanced Skipjacks


Advanced Skipjacks is an accelerated version of our Basic Keelboat Certification for students that feel like they have not lost a step and do not need the review after taking Skipjacks.  In this class, you jump back on the water, picking up where you left off in Skipjacks.  The Advanced program is taught on Columbia's fleet of Colgate 26 sailboats. Instructors are a combination of Columbia Members and our Sailing School staff with more specific sailing and teaching training. Students who complete this course will receive US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification. This designation is the most recognized certification to operate a sailboat in the United States and is used by most rental and charter companies as the prerequisite for independently operating a sailboat. This program runs in conjunction with our regular Skipjacks program on Tuesday nights for session 1, which allows the class to join in the post-Skipjack fun at the bar after class Join the fun!

Advanced Skipjack
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