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Other Youth Summer Programs

If you are looking for other sailing opportunities, don't worry; we have something for you!

Shark Bait is held Monday nights throughout the summer and is aimed at young sailors experiencing the water for the first time.

Shark Week is a week at the end of the summer designed for young sailors opportunity to sail in the morning, afternoon, or full day.

Lab Week is designed for students who still have a week or so before school and are interested in doing an fun and exciting activity. Classes are offered to all ages and are dependent on who signs up.

*Discounts available; pricing is separate from the ten-week summer program.


Age: 5 to 7 years old

Shark Bait

For young sailors, Shark Bait an excellent introduction for those getting out on the water for the first time. This program is run under very close supervision with a high instructor-to-student ratio, aiming to give students maximum attention as they get used to sailing. With at least two students per boat, sailing takes place inside the protected harbor and close to our dock, allowing for parents to observe their child’s first time at the helm and cheer them along. The class emphasizes safety and fun, as well as developing confidence in and around the water. Each week, fun lessons are planned at an easy to learn pace aiming to create a positive outlook for kids as they begin their sailing journey.

Shark Bait
Prams 1.jpg

Age: 5 - 10 years old

Shark Week

Shark Week is designed for young sailors, to experience fun on the water! Students have the choice of participating in the morning, the afternoon, or a full day of camp. The class emphasizes safety, fun, and teamwork, as well as developing confidence in and around the water. Sailors will learn boat parts identification, rigging, and basic sail theory. Classes are taught our Prams, which are boats specifically designed for small sailors!

Shark Week

all ages

Lab Week

Lab Week is an opportunity for students who start school later to have one more week on the water! Sailors of all age levels and abilities are welcome to sign up for this week. Through on-the-water and classroom instruction, students will learn about safety, boat parts, rigging, knots, sailing terminology, and points of sail. Differing from summer camp, students will be split into groups dependent on age and the number of participants.

*For new sailors with no prior experience participating in our Fall Sailing Program, we highly recommend that they register for this class to develop a basic sailing foundation before the beginning of the school year.

Lab Week
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